Just another boxer


 There is a strong connection between boxing and the street. The road is seen as the first ring in which young boxers fighting to build a future. Common people are accustomed to think a boxer like a stray dog that has nothing to do with the majority of the population that sorrounds it. In Italy today lots of things about amateur boxing have changed. Today boxers fighting in the italian province gyms’ are mostly children who attend the school and who consider amateur boxing a sport like any other but they practice it also to confront against their fears and indirectly to confront themselves with the stereotypes of most of the part of the society that sees boxing as a violent sport and nothing else. Me too I have been an amateur boxer who fought in northern Italy’s province that’s why I’d like to describe the environment in whch I lived and that helped me to form my personality. I documented amateur boxing matches sharing with the boys that I photographed the moments befor and after rising in the ring their fears and their expectations, the desire to get involved and to prove to themselves before the public what they’re able to do.

JUST ANOTHER BOXER had been featured in:

- BITUME PHOTOFEST  Lecce (2014) exhibition
- Les Boutographies - Montpellier (2015) exhibition
The eye of photography 
En revenant de l'expo